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Treatments and Variables

This is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.

Lexington Tattoo Removal in Lexington, Kentucky

We know that every tattoo removal is different, just as every tattoo is different, so we strive to keep you and your interests at the center of every step of our process. During your free consultation, we learn about you and your tattoo. First, we take a brief, directed, confidential medical history from you. We focus on skin problems and any issues that affect your immune system. While tattoo removal is a fairly non-invasive procedure, we do want to keep your safety as our number-one priority at all times.

Next, we evaluate your tattoo. Its size, location, color, density and skin type are some of variables we measure. At the conclusion of your consultation, we estimate how many sessions will be necessary to accomplish your goal. Every tattoo is going to have different dimensions, combinations of colors, and removal needs, and so our goal is to get as thorough an understanding as possible of it to make sure that the removal process goes smoothly and ends with successful results.

Amateur tattoos can sometimes be removed in a few sessions, while multi-color, professional tattoos may take more than 10 sessions. Lightening tattoos for a cover-up can usually be accomplished in 3-4 sessions. The typical session only takes 2-10 minutes. We strive to make sure that all of our clients are satisfied with the end results of their tattoo removal, whether that be simply fading a tattoo for an eventual cover-up, or fully removing a tattoo. We recommend to all of our clients to be flexible with the time-table of having their tattoo removal process fully completed. All tattoos are different, and so there is no standard metric for how long it will take for a tattoo to be fully faded or removed.

Tattoos don’t have to last forever. Our advanced laser can remove any sized tattoo effectively, with minimal downtime

Pricing Guide

$99first square inch
  • $20 per additional square inch
For larger tattoos, please come in for consultation & custom price, as we can often offer a “bulk” discount.
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Procedure and Equipment

Tattoo Removal in Kentucky
Lasers deliver an extremely brief pulse of energy that passes through the outer layer of the skin. The pulse of energy is then selectively absorbed by the tattoo ink, which is then shattered into particles. Over days and weeks, the body’s immune system naturally eliminates the ink particles.
Lexington Tattoo Removal in Kentucky
We only use the Quanta Q-Plus C EVO laser, which is even more powerful and advanced than its predecessor the Quanta Q-Plus C. This laser is FDA approved specifically for tattoo removal. Its unique ability to deliver high power for three wavelengths allows the Quanta Q-Plus C EVO to efficiently remove all tattoo colors including the difficult green and light blue inks.

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