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Tattoo Removal Creams Vs. Laser Tattoo Removal

It’s true, tattoo removal creams simply don’t work, and we’ll show you why. Tattoo creams claim to remove tattoos quick and easy but the truth is, they do not work. Often you are left with a damaged area of your skin that looks worse than the tattoo you regret. Tattoo removal creams are expensive and contain ingredients that bleach the skin or they have stringent acids that are said to “pull out” the tattoo ink. The truth is, the tattoo ink is beyond reach. The topical creams cannot touch the tattoo ink that resides on the secondary layers of the skin. At best they can only lighten the tattoo, ruining it all together.

A small amount of fading may occur with a good tattoo removal cream but this fading is the same fading you will see over time from changes to the skin or sun exposure and harmful UV light. It will more than likely mess up your tattoo. And then, you will really wish it were gone!

Don’t get taken in by the promises of advertisers who claim they have a tattoo removal cream. Some tattoo removal creams carry instructions that require you to work the area over with sandpaper before applying the cream! This alone can leave your tat looking awful. Other creams to remove your tattoo can lead to permanent scarring or burns from harsh chemicals or acids. You also may end up with changes in the texture of the skin where the faded tattoo is.

Laser tattoo removal in Lexington is the best, safest way to remove your tattoo and permanently retain the look of your original skin! Without harsh chemicals or bleaching agents, a laser tattoo removal uses a laser machine to breakup the ink in your skin. The small particles of ink are then absorbed and irradiated by your own body’s immune system. You can trust Lexington Tattoo Removal to get the job done just like you imagine.

You may be thinking a tattoo removal cream will work to lighten your tattoo so you can cover it with a different image. Again tattoo removal creams can vary on how much they can do, if anything. Keep in mind, some tattoo creams will damage your skin and you will have a hard time adding a new tattoo to scarred skin. At Lexington Tattoo Removal, we can lighten your tattoo without ruining the skin or creating skin damage.

If you have questions about removing your unwanted tattoo or changing a tattoo that was done wrong, we can help. Stop by or call for a free consultation to determine the best course of action to remove your tattoo. Laser tattoo removal varies by the individual and by the density of the tattoo. We can help by removing your unwanted tattoo or lightening a tattoo properly for a new look. Because laser tattoo removal is so precise, we can also remove just a small portion of your tattoo so you can repair or remove a small area that you don’t like. Contact Lexington Tattoo removal today and say good-bye to your regrets!