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Are Watercolor Tattoos Here to Stay?

As tattoos have become more and more accepted, new tattoo trends have started to emerge. While classic tattoo design is still very popular, tattoos have begun to evolve into even more creative pieces to meet certain styles. One of the most recent tattoo trends that have swept the Internet and tattoo parlors alike is the watercolor tattoo trend. Watercolor tattoos are an aesthetically pleasing style of tattooing that resembles the look of watercolor artwork.

These tattoos decrease the use of harsh black lines to give the tattoo a more whimsical and free feel. While these tattoos are undeniably beautiful, there are some drawbacks to this style. Before you head to the nearest tattoo parlor for a water color tattoo, Lexington Tattoo Removal wants you to be aware of the potential drawbacks of this new style.

Science of Tattoos
While many tattoos will look great immediately after completion, not all tattoos are built to last. Many elements are necessary to create a quality tattoo, but the main component for a tattoo that will last and continue to look great is black outlining. Black ink is carbon based. Carbon based ink is used as an outline because it becomes hard under the skin. Unlike black ink, color inks have a pigment base. This pigment base does not harden beneath the skin and is not contained properly, can spread and blur into something unrecognizable. To combat pigment spread, black outlines are laid to trap color within the lines to assure less color spread.

Watercolor Woes
Most watercolor tattoos use as little black outline as possible to give the tattoo a whimsical feel that truly looks like a watercolor painting on the skin. Unfortunately, this style will not hold up to the test of time. Pigment based inks will fade. If they are not contained inside black outlines they will not only fade, but also spread and bleed into the surrounding colors. Because of this lack of black ink, watercolor tattoos will begin fading within months and the colors will blend together, sometimes distorting the entire tattoo composition.

If you have a watercolor tattoo and have experienced tattoo fade or color distortion, Lexington Tattoo Removal, your best choice for tattoo removal in Lexington, Kentucky, can help you fix the problem. With the use of the most powerful tattoo removal laser, the Quanta EVO Q-Plus™, you can be at ease knowing that even the most stubborn of ink colors will begin to fade with this process of removal. Call our office today to set up your free consultation. At this consultation we will help you understand what to expect from your tattoo removal, evaluate how many removal sessions are needed for the specified tattoo, and evaluate your skin and any health problems you may have to make sure the process of healing goes as smoothly as possible. While it is uncertain as to how long the watercolor tattoo trend will stick around, Lexington Tattoo Removal will be here to help when the tattoo inevitably begins to lose its appeal.