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2017 Tattoo Trends

Because tattooing is a constantly evolving art form, tattoo trends are always changing as artists evolve their craft. While 2016 was a great year for many new tattoo styles, 2017 will surely evolve even farther. If you are considering making 2017 the year you add to your tattoo collection or sit down for your first ink, knowing the current tattoo trends will help you make the best decision. Let Lexington Tattoo Removal, proudly providing expert tattoo removal in Lexington, Kentucky, show you a few of these trends to help you make your choice.

Watercolor was all the rage in 2016 and the outlook for 2017 is the same. Watercolor tattoos are full of vibrant colors and soft edges that allow people to have tattoos that appear softer and more whimsical than traditional lined tattoos. Many watercolor tattoos incorporate black lines in some way but then have color exploding behind or around the image. Because this tattoo trend is so new, it is a safe bet to say that this trend will hang around for a few more years as it evolves, so you won’t have to worry about your tattoo looking out of style any time soon.

Geometric Designs
Like watercolor tattoos, in that they have burst onto the tattooing scene in the last year or so, geometric design tattoos are another trend for 2017. Geometric tattoos combine clear, precise line work for an incredibly modern feel in your tattoo. Geometric tattoos allow you to put a minimalist twist on your tattoo by combining geometric shapes and figures in a monochromatic color scheme without shading.

Trash Polka
Trash Polka tattoos put a unique and eye-catching twist on classic ink. When done properly, bold red hues intermix with traditional grey and black shading for a stark contrast of color that still looks cohesive. Trash Polka tattoos began to grow in popularity towards the end of 2016, so 2017 will surely be a year of creative growth for this style.

Dotwork tattoos have been around for a very long time, some would even say that dotwork tattoos are the origin of all tattoo work because tattoos used to be hand poked dot by dot to create patterns. While they may be the origin of many tattoos, dotwork faded away for a while and is now seeing a resurgence in popularity. 2017 will continue with this trend. Dotwork tattoos feature precise geometric patterns and designs that are crafted from thousands of tiny dots on the skin instead of shading or line work.

Tattoo Removal
Because tattoo trends evolve and change and sometimes disappear altogether, tattoo removal is always in style for those who have a change of heart on their ink. Tattoo removal can eliminate or greatly reduce the appearance of tattoos, leaving your skin clear or ready for your next tattoo. At Lexington Tattoo Removal, we are here to help you with any tattoo removal needs you may have. Utilizing the strongest removal laser available, the Quanta EVO Q-Plus™, we can guarantee that even the most stubborn of tattoo inks will fade. To set up your free consultation, call the experts at Lexington Tattoo Removal today!