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Why You Should Get Your Tattoo Removed

There are some obvious reason to remove a tattoo, such as misspellings, or the name of your ex-partner. There are also other reasons to remove a tattoo and with Lexington Tattoo Removal you past mistake not have to be on your body forever!

If your tattoo artist has done a poor job or you simply do not like the way your tattoo turned out you may want it removed. If an artist is inexperienced you may be left with unintentional scarring or discoloring that does not look attractive. Did your artist spell something wrong? Is the lining straight and shading done correctly? You may have handed your tattoo artist a photo of a beautiful rose but your new tattoo just looks like a red blob. In many cases you may want your tattooed removed, and once removed you could change tattoo artists. You can always re-tattoo in that area with a more experienced artist; just give your body some time to heal after the removal.

Maybe the idea of a unicorn on your wrist seemed like a good idea at age 20. But now? Not so much. People change and it is very likely you are not into the same types of things you were into ten or fifteen years ago. That’s OK! There were certain things that were popular years ago that just aren’t in style anymore. Many times after years of looking at your tattoo you may become sick of it. If you are tired of your tattoo and you are ready for a change Lexington Tattoo Removal is happy to help.

Changing careers or going into the military is a great reason to have your tattoo removed. Some branches of the military do not accept certain types of tattoos. Although many professions allow tattoos in this day and age, there are still some careers where it is considered unprofessional. If you are looking for a job and have had no luck, maybe it is time to remove your visible tattoos. You may still like your tattoo, however the location is not appropriate anymore. At Lexington Tattoo Removal we can remove your tattoo and you can have another similar tattoo done in a different location to keep you and your employer happy. There are certain times when tattoos are not wanted, and a job interview may be one of those situations.

Any reason is a good one to have a tattoo removed if that means that you will be more comfortable in your own skin. At Lexington Tattoo Removal we strive to make sure each one of our customers is completely satisfied with their tattoo removal. Our professionals are experienced and friendly. We use top quality lasers and other equipment to make sure you are safe and happy with your end results. Call Lexington Tattoo removal today for a free consultation and get one step closer to the new you!