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What You Need to Know About Tattoo Lightening

You’ve heard the classic line every parent has tried to preach about tattoos: “You’ll regret that later in life.” And now you’re finally realizing that maybe your parents were right, or you’re sick of a tattoo and want something different. But tattoos last forever so there’s nothing you can do, right? At Lexington Tattoo Removal, we use laser-lightening technology to remove tattoos so that they don’t have to be a lifetime commitment anymore. Just like you change over time, your tattoos can change with you! Tattoo lightening gives you the freedom to cover up your existing tattoo with a brand new design that you’ll love.

Tattoo Cover-Ups
Sick and tired of that tribal tattoo that you got when you turned 18? Well, you don’t have to be stuck looking at a teenage mistake anymore. You can always cover up your tattoo with a new, amazing design. But covering up tattoos is not always a cakewalk for tattoo artists. In fact, according to Tattodo, not all tattoos can be covered, and tattoo cover-ups aren’t easy for artists to execute. That’s where tattoo lightening comes into play. Before you cover your tattoo, your tattoo artist might want you to lighten your old tattoo. And you should definitely take their advice! You don’t want your new artwork to look worse than the original, so listen to your tattoo artist because they know best.

The Tattoo Lightening Process
As you may know, tattoo removal and lightening takes a lot of time to complete. So you should go into this process with patience and an open mind. To completely lighten your tattoo to a point where it can be covered up, it will take around 8-12 months to complete. A couple of laser treatments will be necessary depending on the size, shape and shading on your tattoo. When your tattoo is light enough, you then have to wait six months before your tattoo artist begins any work on the new canvas. If you don’t wait, your body will try to break down the new tattoo. And after all those treatments and months of waiting, you don’t want it to be all for nothing! Be patient and eventually you’ll get the beautiful tattoo that you’ve been dreaming of. Most of all, remember not to get frustrated with the process. These lasers aren’t magic. With time and patience, your artist will have a cleaner slate to work with, which will make things easier for them. In the end, we want you to have a tattoo that you’re confident and proud to flaunt instead of one that you want to always hide.

To finally get the tattoo of your dreams, come into Lexington Tattoo Removal for your free initial consultation. We’ll evaluate how we can get you started with lightening your old tattoo in order to get a tattoo that you’re proud to show off. We are located in Lexington, Kentucky and proudly serve the surrounding areas.