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Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Regardless of when you got your tattoo, rather it was recent or something that happened years ago, you were probably given care instructions to make sure your tattoo healed well; keep it out of sunlight, keep it well moisturized, and don’t pick at it. After your tattoo removal procedure, you have to treat the area very similarly. Though you are reversing the tattoo procedure and getting rid of the ink, your skin needs to be cared for properly to make sure everything heals correctly and does not affect the skin in any way that would hinder further removal sessions. Let Lexington Tattoo Removal show you what to expect after your tattoo removal and prepare you for all of your aftercare.

Side Effects
Because everyone reacts to procedures differently, it is important to be knowledgeable of the potential side effects. The common side effects for tattoo removal include swelling, itchiness, redness, and dry skin. Very similar to the initial tattooing process, these symptoms will not stick around for long. Typically lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days, these symptoms should not cause too much discomfort. Like any healing process, itching is a good sign. If the tattoo you are having covered up is on the new side, you may encounter some blistering on your skin. This is normal for these types of removals, so do not worry.

After Your Tattoo Removal
Now that you know the potential side effects, which will affect everyone differently, here’s what you should do for aftercare. After your removal, prepare for a bit of downtime. Lexington Tattoo Removal is proud to offer the newest laser technology where you can expect to only have to wear bandages for about three hours after your procedure. Even with this shorter bandage time, it is still important that you get some rest in after your procedure. Don’t exhaust yourself because you will slow the healing process. Make sure you stay hydrated and try not to irritate the area, this includes avoiding heavy lifting and staying away from scratchy fabrics that could further irritate the area. With any tattoo removal there is a potential for blistering and you do not want to pop any of these blisters if you have them, lest you damage your healing skin. Consider applying some aloe vera or unscented lotion to your procedure area to keep your skin cool; after the procedure it will feel like you have a sunburn on the area, so this will also help with any discomfort.

Tattoo Removal in Lexington, Kentucky
Don’t live with regret, contact Lexington Tattoo Removal today for a free consultation about having your tattoo removed. During this consultation we will learn about you before we look at your tattoo, focusing on any skin conditions or medical conditions that could hinder your tattoo removal process. After that, we will evaluate your tattoo and give you an estimate as to how many sessions you will need to go through to remove as much of the tattoo as possible. Because we utilize the latest, most powerful tattoo removal laser, the Quanta EVO Q-Plus™, you can be at ease knowing that even the most stubborn of ink colors will begin to fade.