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Lexington Tattoo Removal provides reasons why tattoo regret occurs. If you are unhappy with a tattoo or would like to learn more information, please contact us today.

People get tattoos for all sorts of different reasons: you want to express yourself artistically, identify with a group, recognize a cultural or spiritual affiliation, or just want to prove to people that you are in fact gutsy enough to do it. From the range of reasons that people provide with getting tattoos, and the increasing popularity of them in mainstream America, we can be certain that tattoos are here to stay. However, more and more people are also getting their tattoos removed. Over 45,000 tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2013. Overall, women seem to have more regret with their tattoos, as they contribute to 72.7% of the procedures performed. Reasons why people get their tattoos removed can be just as complex as the reasons why they get the tattoo in the first place. Here are a few:

For some, they are unhappy with the outcome. Planning out a perfect design for a tattoo and then hating it immediately afterwards doesn’t do you any good. If you don’t love your tattoo every time that you look at it, you might start avoiding it and feeling self conscious about it. You should feel comfortable in your own skin and being unhappy with a part of it will hinder that.
Others may argue that the location of their tattoo is the reason for their removal of it. A beautiful tattoo in one place on the body might look terrible in another place on the body. Picking the right area of the body is just as important as picking the right tattoo.
Going right back to the reason why people get tattoos, some regret tattoos and ultimately get them removed because they were an impulse decision that the person didn’t think fully out beforehand. Not wanting to be reminded of an impulse decision that you no longer agree with is completely understandable.
Perhaps you regretted your tattoo earlier but didn’t want to completely remove it and you tried to cover it up. Well unfortunately, cover ups can go wrong as well and lead to regret too. Because cover ups typically have to be bigger and not as creative as your original tattoo, you may not be satisfied with it or how it looks, leading to regret and wanting to remove it.
Sometimes your life moves past your tattoo and you don’t want it anymore. A new job may require that you not have any visible tattoos; your spouse may not like your tattoo; you may mature past your tattoo. Whatever reason, you want your skin to be comfortable and match the type of life that you are living today.
The best reason to get a tattoo is because it makes you happy to get one. Therefore, if you get one and aren’t happy with it or aren’t comfortable with it, it’s completely understandable to have tattoo regret. An increasing number of people are removing tattoos now as the methods for tattoo removal are becoming more reliable. If you are one of the many Americans who are starting to second guess their tattoos, Lexington Tattoo Removal can solve your problem and also remove your regret.

Tattoo Regret: Why People are Removing Their Tattoos