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Taking Care of Your Tattoos in the Winter

The cold air that winter brings can have a big impact on your skin’s moisture levels. The air can dry your skin out, and lead to some sensitivity. This irritation can develop into an uncomfortable itch. What this means, is that when your skin looks bad, your tattoos will also look bad. There are however, ways to keep your skin from experiencing any dehydration.

Moisturizing is the best defense against parched skin caused by winter. The dry and flakey skin can cause your tattoo to look aged and in less than ideal condition. If you already moisturize your body regularly, in the colder months it is best to switch to heavier creams for better hydration. Those who have sensitive skin should avoid lotions that have strong fragrances, as this may cause greater irritation to the skin.

Another tip for winter skincare is to avoid using soap on all areas on the body when showering. Strictly reserve body wash to the spots where you develop sweat, and simply rinse the other parts. Over-cleansing your body can strip your skin of the natural moisturizing oils it produces. Your arms, legs, and torso can be cleaned daily solely by a water rinse. This change can help your skin retain its normal hydration level. The cleanser you use should be a non-detergent-based soap that is also non-irritating.

When showering or bathing, you should use lukewarm water instead of scalding hot water. While it is tempting to increase the water’s temperature in the winter, for the sake of your skin you should not do this. The high heat will deplete any moisture in your body so to keep your skin from developing an itch, rely on tepid water. Immediately after the shower or bath, apply a moisturizer to your still damp skin for optimal results.

It is best to keep yourself bundled up when you are outside in the freezing temperatures. Wearing weather appropriate outerwear will limit your skin’s exposure to the extreme cold. You risk not only dry skin, but frostbite as well when you lack the right clothing. Frostbite and dryness will cause a visible effect on the state of your tattoos.
To combat the frigid temperatures, you may use an electric heater to keep your home comfortable. However, reliance on artificial forms of heat can eliminate any moisture in the air. This means that the moisture that would normally sink into your skin is no longer around. To benefit your skin it is best to reduce contact with excessive heat. In some climates though, the use of a heating device cannot be avoided during winter. This is where it is valuable to have a humidifier in your home. The humidifier will replace the dry air with humidity, and thus restore your skin to the proper amount of hydration.

If the dry winter skin has made your tattoos a regrettable decision, Lexington Tattoo Removal can be of service. Our trained specialists use the most advanced technology to deliver exceptional results to clients. We offer an initial consultation free of charge, too. Lexington Tattoo Removal is located in Lexington, KY and provides service to the surrounding area.