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Taking Care of Your Tattoo Removal Scars

Even though the tattoo will be gone, after laser tattoo removal, you may fear that you will be left with scars. However, with proper care, your risk of scarring can be minimized. Here is some helpful information to keep your skin free of marks.

It is important to avoid sun exposure after laser removal. If it is not possible to cover the skin where the tattoo was removed, make sure to use sunscreen on the area. The sunscreen will prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays from affecting your skin. The sunscreen should be formulated with titanium dioxide or zinc and have a sun protection factor of at least 30. This is a crucial step to remember every time you step out in the sun.
It is advised to stop smoking before undergoing laser removal and during recovery. According to a study published by the American Medical Association’s Archives of Dermatology, smoking reduces the chances of successful laser removal after ten treatments by 70%. You may have to go through additional treatment sessions, but there are also other downsides. Smoking decreases blood flow causing the skin to become discolored and dry. Skin is also depleted of several vital nutrients such as vitamin C, which helps repair damaged skin. Smoking can lead to a compromised immune system as well. This can make you more susceptible to infections, which can cause the treated area to scar. It may be difficult to stop smoking, but for proper healing, it is in your best interest to quit.

After tattoo removal, it is common to develop scabs and blisters on the area. You should never pick at the scabs as this can cause scars to occur. Even when you are cleaning the area, you should never rub the skin as this can cause scabs to be uprooted. The previously tattooed skin is extremely sensitive, so make sure it is not scratched or scrapped. Shaving can cause further irritation so it should be avoided. If the blisters are a bother, you can gently apply blister ointment to get it to pop naturally.

Infections at the treatment site will result in scarring. To prevent infections, you need to keep the skin clean. It is critical to wash the area with mild soap and water two times a day. After rinsing, delicately pat the skin dry with a paper towel. The bandages and dressing should be changed after each cleanse. Avoid letting high pressure water make direct contact with the skin, as it can cause exfoliation of the scabs and consequently scars.

It is beneficial to be well hydrated before and after the laser procedure. Drinking lots of water will help the skin recover at a faster pace. It will also help rid your body of toxins, like the ink particles from the removed tattoo.

These tips are a great way to ensure that you are not left with scars after enduring laser tattoo removal. At Lexington Tattoo Removal, we employ certified specialists to operate the most powerful laser machine available. This laser is able reduce treatment sessions by 20%. You will not find this technology everywhere, as only a handful of places in the United States utilize this machine. We are located in Lexington, KY and provide service to the surrounding area. Call us today!