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Should I Get My Tattoo Covered or Removed?

No matter what way you slice it, being stuck with a tattoo you don’t love is a terrible feeling. You see it on your body every day, and going out of your way to cover it up with clothing can be a real annoyance, and only serves to hide the problem. If you’re reading this, then you have already reached the point where you have decided that your tattoo just isn’t for you anymore. This leaves you with one of two choices: to have your tattoo covered up by a tattoo artist, or to have it removed. Both of these methods
will solve the problem of getting rid of your tattoo, but they have
different outcomes and different purposes. Not sure which option is right for you? Let the tattoo removal experts at Lexington Tattoo Removal in Lexington, Kentucky tell you about both so that you can make an informed decision.

A tattoo cover-up is when a tattoo artist tattoos over an already existing tattoo for the express purpose of covering up the original design. This can be quite successful, but like anything else regarding tattoos, you need to build up a strong rapport with your tattoo artist before proceeding into this process, or else you may be stuck with yet another tattoo you dislike. One thing to note about tattoo cover-ups is that your options are going to be limited by the design of the preexisting tattoo: the cover-up will need to be bigger, and will need to work with the colors and lines of the existing tattoo to ensure that it is no longer visible.

The Benefits – One of the benefits of covering up a tattoo is the healing time: your tattoo cover-up will only take as long to heal as your original tattoo, so only around four to six weeks for a single-session tattoo. For tattoo removal, the healing process can take longer, and you need to take a minimum of six weeks between individual removal sessions for larger tattoos.

The Downsides – If your issue is less with the specific tattoo than having a tattoo in and of itself, a tattoo cover-up is not going to solve your problem. If you want to be completely tattoo-free, removal is going to be your only option.

Total tattoo removal, like what is practiced at Lexington Tattoo, uses lasers to actually get rid of the tattoo itself, not just cover it up. The
laser uses light energy to break up the ink within your tattoo, and is specially coordinated to respond to each color of ink that was used.

The Benefits – With tattoo removal, you are getting just that: the total removal of your tattoo. If your tattoos are keeping you from getting jobs, or you simply no longer want to have them on your body, tattoo removal is going to be your only option to get rid of them.

The Downsides – Tattoo removal can be a lengthier process than a tattoo cover-up, depending on the size of your unwanted tattoo and the colors that were used in it. The price can also vary from getting a cover-up, although we strive to make the tattoo removal process affordable and comfortable for all of our clients.

If you have decided that tattoo removal is the option for you, contact Lexington Tattoo Removal in Lexington, Kentucky today to get
your free consultation and begin the process of reclaiming your skin.