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Quick Fixes to Cover Your Tattoo

With all the events life has to offer, you may need to cover your tattoos for some of them. If you have a tattoo that you wish to keep private, there are several ways to disguise the tattoo. Lexington Tattoo Removal can also help if you want to remove the tattoo completely.

Accessorizing is an easy solution to conceal visible tattoos. A scarf around your neck will provide some coverage. Depending on the styling of the scarf, you can use it to hide neck, shoulder, or collarbone tattoos. In the summer you can wear a lightweight flowy scarf, or a heavy scarf made of warm material will work in the winter. You can wear a watch or thick bracelets to hide wrist tattoos. Opaque tights can help keep any ink on your legs invisible. Tights are a great solution if you are attending a formal event in which you must wear a dress. High-top shoes are an interesting way to keep any ankle tattoos from seeing sunlight. Boots are another alternative to consider, and you can choose between thigh-high, knee, or ankle boots. Spanx and other shapewear clothing can be useful for clothing that is sheer, such as lace dresses.

Makeup has long been used to conceal any skin discoloration and is able to camouflage a tattoo, as well. First you must clean the image with an alcohol wipe, which will remove any dirt or excess oils that can prevent the makeup from fully adhering to the skin. For the best results, it is advised to apply an oil-free primer to the tattoo. The primer will help the skin hold on to the color. Once the primer has completely dried, apply a full coverage concealer. The color of the concealer should be several shades lighter than your skin tone. A dabbing motion should be used for application as it will supply the most coverage. The tattoo artist, Kat Von D, has a product called the Tattoo Eraser. The pink pencil is specifically formulated to counteract blue and black inks. After the concealer, you should apply a foundation that is a perfect match for your complexion. It is best to use a makeup sponge or stippling brush. Once you are satisfied with the coverage, you can use your fingers to smooth and blend the edges. Next, you should cover the foundation with a translucent powder to provide a matte finish and remove the shine. To increase the lasting power of the makeup and prevent it from rubbing off on anything, a spritz of hairspray will suffice. You can also use a makeup setting spray which is intended for that purpose. Allow sufficient time for the spray to dry before attempting to touch it.

If you find covering your tattoos to be an annoyance, you can have the tattoos permanently removed. Lexington Tattoo Removal employs certified specialists to control the fastest Ruby laser available on the market. This advanced laser technology allows for quicker pigmentation removal with less treatment sessions required. Lexington Tattoo Removal is located in Lexington, KY and provides service to the surrounding area. Contact us today!