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New Year, New You: Is It Time to Remove Your Tattoo?

With the new year, maybe you want a fresh start. For some this might mean shedding a layer of skin… literally. Is it time for you to remove your tattoo? There can be various reasons why you may want to remove your tattoo. If you are experiencing any of the reasons provided below, then it is time to contact Lexington Tattoo Removal, the best place for tattoo removal in Lexington, KY.

Reasons to Remove Your Tattoo
Unhappy with Tattoo Outcome– Many people spend a lot of time and effort planning and designing the perfect tattoo. But even after all of that, some are not happy with the final outcome.
Location– Even after careful consideration, sometimes where you thought your tattoo would look best might not have actually been a very good location.
Impulsive Decision– Many people make rash decisions without thinking them through all the way, especially when they are young. But a few years down the road, one bad decision such as getting a tattoo for the wrong reasons can haunt you.
Instant Regret– Many people think that they want a tattoo but immediately after getting it, wish that they hadn’t.
If you are experiencing any of these reasons or for another reason want to remove your tattoo, below is an easy process to doing so.

3-Step Treatment Process
With advancements in laser technology, tattoos no longer have to be forever. They don’t have to hold you back from furthering your career or relationships. We can give you a blank slate!

At Lexington Tattoo Removal, our trained specialists will be able to guide you through the best process for your tattoo removal needs. We have a 3-step process that will lead to your desired results. The first step is a free initial consultation to determine the cost of your tattoo removal, estimate the number of treatments needed, and answer any of your questions. The second step is your first tattoo removal treatment in which we use the most powerful tri-wavelength tattoo removal laser in the world. The Quanta Q-Plus C Evo was just released in 2016 and is also FDA approved. We will also take before and after pictures to document your progress. Lastly, the final step is after care, in which we will provide you with proper instructions and will schedule your next appointment.

The Best Place for Tattoo Removal in Lexington, KY
If you think that it’s finally time for you to remove that tattoo that is holding you back, then it is time to contact Lexington Tattoo Removal for your free initial consultation. We are more than happy to explain how our tattoo removal works and how it still preserves your skin unlike other removal systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are ready to take away any of your tattoo regrets with great results!