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Common Tattoo Mistakes to Avoid

Tattoos are a form of artistic expression meant to last a lifetime. The image you are having permanently inked on the body should hold significant meaning or it may become something you regret. When getting a tattoo you also have to consider how the image will age and if it will be something you want for the rest of your life. If you are planning to get a tattoo, remember the common mistakes to avoid so you aren’t left with a tattoo you wish you didn’t have.

Location is important to consider when getting inked. Tattoos on the face and neck are particularly bad choices, as they may hurt your job prospects if they cannot be covered up. Companies always want their employees to appear business appropriate, so having a visible face tattoo would be less than desirable in employees. It’s good to consider how easy it is to be hidden so it does not hinder your career advancements. Location can also ruin a good design. It’s important to consider how muscles and tendons under your skin may shape your body art.

Getting a tattoo of your significant other’s name or image, may seem like a romantic gesture but it could end up being a mistake. If you and your loved one split up, you are stuck with the image commemorating the failed relationship on your body forever. Dating may prove awkward with the name of your ex constantly on display. Instead of getting the name of your partner as a tattoo, consider instead something that symbolizes the relationship or reminds you of that person indirectly.

A tattoo of a language you don’t speak may be a mistake as well. You can’t believe everything you see on the Internet, so it’s best to double check the meaning of the words beforehand. Chinese characters have become popular tattoo choices, but it’s crucial to know what the symbol is actually conveying. There are small variations between Chinese symbols, so if one tiny detail is missing, the significance may be lost. You could end up with a tattoo that makes you look ignorant around people who can actually understand the language.

Spur of the moment tattoos are often poor decisions. Having an image permanently added to your body should be done only after lots of consideration was done. The location, size, and colors all need to be thoughtfully selected, let alone the design you want to display. Walking into a tattoo parlor and merely selecting a design off the wall, opens up the opportunity for regret. What seems like a good option in the moment may leave you with something you dislike in the future.

If you have a tattoo that you are not happy with, you do not have to live with the mistake the rest of your life. Tattoo removal allows for the error to be completely erased and forgotten about. Lexington Tattoo Removal can fix your mistake, with little downtime. We have a location in Lexington, Kentucky and provide service to the surrounding area. You don’t have to live with ink you’re not proud of. You can rid yourself of the bad tattoo with help from Lexington Tattoo Removal.